Donna, Boise

Donna was always healthy until four years ago when she started having “episodes”, similar to a stroke and seizure. They started happening so frequently that she had to leave her job as a behavioral therapist because it was too risky to be around kids and families. Without a job she couldn’t afford health coverage. She now languishes in the coverage gap, undiagnosed and her episodes getting worse. Access to affordable health coverage is critical for Idahoans like Donna to keep a job, avoid financial crisis and live healthier lives.

Noll, Boise

Noll is an incredibly independent man that lives with disabilities. Through Medicaid’s home and community based services he has his own apartment and personal care aides that help him with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning and personal care. Medicaid supports Noll’s ability to be independent, thriving in the community, and in charge of his health.

Scarlette, Ketchum

Scarlette was born blind, is missing three parts of her brain, has cerebral palsy, and many hormonal deficiencies. Now at four years old, she is stable and hasn’t been to the hospital in over a year because of Medicaid. Scarlette goes to the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, receives weekly therapies, and daily medications that are vital to keeping her alive. Her wheelchair help her get around so she can play and enjoy being a kid. Medicaid ensures lifesaving care so she can grow and have the best chance at life.